University of Notre Dame to study development disorders

A NEW study at the University of Notre Dame wants to explore the unknown surrounding Development Coordination Disorder (DCD) in young boys.

Notre Dame PhD candidate Ranila Bhoyroo is investigating two different causes of DCD, a disorder that affects the ability to perform motor tasks in boys between 8 and 11.

Notre Dame senior research scholar Beth Hands said there was little known about the causes of DCD.

“Unfortunately the condition is not widely recognised or diagnosed and many parents, teachers, GPs and other health professionals think the child/|adolescent is simply ‘not the sporty type’ or clumsy,” she said.

“The condition has a significant impact on a range of health outcomes and people with this condition have lower physical fitness, lower physical activity levels, reduced bone density, muscle strength, lower self-|esteem and higher levels of stress and anxiety.

“This research will contribute to understand the disorder as well as help other researchers, physiotherapists and occupational therapists to develop training programs to improve the lives of those with this disorder.”

The University of Notre Dame is looking for 40 boys aged 8-11, with or without movement difficulties, to participate in their study.

Email ranila.bhoyroo1@| for more information on becoming involved in the study.