When it’s 1pm it’s time for lunch

Stopped for lunch, Peta-Anne North
Stopped for lunch, Peta-Anne North

SPEARWOOD aerial photographer Peta-Anne North is used to capturing moments usually reserved for birds of the sky.

Hanging out the doors of an aircraft, while strapped in of course, she has shot everything from construction sites, big property developments, special events and natural landmarks.

It is that method of photography that offered her a rare glimpse of a Spearwood market garden earlier this year.

From the sky, she captured a stationary tractor, with footprints leading away.

Looking at her watch, she realised it was 1pm; time for lunch.

“I love the aerial perspective and being able to capture a moment in time,” she said.

“When I saw the tractor and the footsteps I thought it looked amazing. The footsteps were really fascinating.

“I looked at my watch and thought ‘that’s where they’ve gone, to lunch’.”

For more of Ms North’s work, visit www.petaannephotography.com.