Opinion: Council’s bin snooping an illegal invasion of privacy

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AS a ratepayer, I strongly resent the extreme waste of ratepayers’ money to employ people to walk around and snoop in our rubbish bins and stick silly tags on.

It could even be regarded as an invasion of privacy, against which there are laws.

The council seems concerned about the environment, yet how much waste has gone into the (probably) thousands of cardboard tags with their silly sad/happy faces that have been distributed to bins.

I received a sad face on my new red bin, reportedly for putting in paper, and a plastic shaver head.

How it was discovered amongst the snotty tissues, I don’t know.

In respect to the paper I put in the red bin, it is paper which may contain personal information which I would prefer to go to landfill/compost, rather than enter into the public arena by going through the recycle chain.

Having been duly chastised however, in future I will soak such material in the laundry trough and put the whole soggy mess in the recycle bin. Will this gain me a happy face?

In regard to the small razor head, it is made mainly of metal, which I assumed would rust down nicely in landfill.


Hamilton Hill