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actor races home for sister’s wedding
actor races home for sister’s wedding

The 19-year-old actor had this year moved from Gosnells to Vancouver to chase the big time in Hollywood.

He had just finished filming Disney’s Pants on Fire for its US XD channel, alongside network stars Bradley Steven Perry and Tyrel Jackson Williams, but no rest was in sight when the wrap was called.

‘I raced straight from set into a car bound for the airport, ran through customs and only just got on the flight,’ he said.

‘I went from the airport to the other groomsman’s house, chucked on my suit and made it to the wedding with five minutes to spare. I’d been awake for about 48 hours.

‘Now that was an experience.’

New experiences are plentiful this year for Coombe, who moved from his grandparents’ quiet suburban home to Vancouver after a stint in Los Angeles, where he secured a manager and agent and completed a gruelling audition circuit, with four auditions per week.

‘That was really exciting for me,’ he said. ‘You don’t get that many auditions in Perth.’

The hard work paid off, with Coombe landing first a part in TV show Supernatural’s series nine finale, and then the role in the Disney comedy, due to air later this year in the US and Canada.

‘Once I started working on it, I thought, ‘This is exactly what I want to be doing for the rest of my life’,’ Coombe said.

‘Hollywood is a rollercoaster ” you book roles and then the whole project will fall apart, or something else will just come together really quickly, so you have to be prepared for anything,’ he said.

‘Focus on the acting, go into the audition room and perform to the best of your ability ” that’s all you can do, you have to let the rest go.

‘That helps me to stay positive and be happy.’

Being on his own after coming from a big family was frightening at first, but Coombe quickly became independent and embraced the adventure in Vancouver, where many US movies and TV series are filmed.

‘Vancouver is a beautiful city,’ he said.

‘It actually reminds me of Perth. It’s great to be back for a catch-up with my friends and family, but Vancouver is incredible.’