I (Honestly) Love You: comedy about difficulties of saying ‘I love you’

A scene from the play I (Honestly) Love You.
A scene from the play I (Honestly) Love You.

A COMEDY gem about the difficulties of saying I love you is coming to the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre on Thursday, September 15.

I (Honestly) Love You is about protagonists Lloyd and Belle who are burdened with the truth-telling disease, vitiositas veritas.

Like most relationships, everything seems to be going, sort of, well, at the start. There is a hesitant first date and an unfortunate meeting with Belle’s parents.

Somehow the lovers overcome their difficulties enough to look each other in the eyes and say “I love you” which, unbeknown to either of them, precipitates the next stage of the disease.

Damon Lockwood produced, directed and wrote the play and will also be acting in it.

He said the play made several comical moments out of awkward moments in relationships, including post coitus.

“We have had people hook up after the play and people break after the play,” he said. “The crux of it is honesty in a relationship.”

This tale of love was nominated for Best Play in WA (2012) and was a hit at the Edinburgh and New York Fringe Festivals.

For more, go to www.gosnells .wa.gov.au or call the box office on 9498 9414.