Reilly’s steady rise to fame

Musician Reilly Craig (22) of Mt Nasura.  Reilly Craig is an up-coming acoustic solo musician, who released his first album last year.
Musician Reilly Craig (22) of Mt Nasura. Reilly Craig is an up-coming acoustic solo musician, who released his first album last year.

Ten years on Reilly (22) has released his first album, played at Perth Arena, featured on the radio and on May 31 will release his new single The Only One.

‘When I was young I could always hear my two older brothers (Mitchell and Brock) playing, but I never really took any notice until I was about 12 and I realised how fun it was,’ he said.

An old electric guitar, which Reilly bought from Classic Sounds in Kelmscott, set him on his musical pathway.

After practising with some major hits, Reilly started a band Ticket 4 Two with three friends.

The band gave him the basis to build his musical talent, but eventually the budding musicians went in different directions.

Reilly, who had also picked up acoustic guitar, drums and piano along with vocal lessons, went on to form the duo Reilly and Chris, with his friend Chris MacKenzie.

‘We did quite well, we played at open mic nights and started to get our name out there,’ he said.

‘But we ended up breaking up (after about a year) because of musical differences.’

Reilly was encouraged to go solo by his supporters and despite lacking the confidence at first, he eventually agreed to venture out by himself.

His first acoustic solo act, which he had complete artistic control over, proved to be the catalyst in launching a serious music career.

Under his manager at the time, Reilly secured acts at venues such as Wolf Lane, Sandbar, The Paddo, The Causeway, Wembley Hotel, Indi Bar and The Aviary, where he continues to play on a regular basis.

Once his name got around Perth’s music industry, he was asked to perform at Perth Arena as pre-game and half-time entertainment at NBL matches to crowds of up to 15,000 people.

While performing at popular venues around Perth, Reilly continued to write his own songs and in September last year, released his debut album Two Hearts, which made it to 26th on the iTunes pop charts.

His first single Like a Lady was third on the Triple J Unearthed pop charts.

His second single Lisa’s City made it to second on the charts.

Reilly said his unique sound, which is somewhere between indie rock and mainstream music, and consistent performances, have helped him to make a living off of what he loves most.

‘There’s so much talent out there you have to keep pushing to find more shows.

‘I’ve made my whole life about music.

‘My aim was to make music living and that’s what I’m doing,’ he said.

Reilly’s new single The Only One will be released at an official launch party at the Causeway Bar in Victoria Park on Saturday, May 31.