AC/DC aficionado Jeff Apter touring Perth to discuss new book on Angus Young

Australian author Jeff Apter has written a new book on rock legend Angus Young.
Australian author Jeff Apter has written a new book on rock legend Angus Young.

ASK anyone who the best Australian rock guitarist is, and few will go past Angus Young.

Australian author Jeff Apter has put the AC/DC rocker, who he affectionately dubs “the world’s oldest schoolboy”, in the spotlight in his new book High Voltage: The Life of Angus Young.

Apter said it was the third book he had written on the band, following ghost writer stints on Mark Evans’ Dirty Deeds and Michael Browning’s Dog Eat Dog.

“I’ve been listening to AC/DC for more than 40 years so I had a solid background,” he said.

“In 2016 so much happened to the band, their drummer was under house arrest, their singer was forced to leave a tour midway due to serious hearing problems, their bassist handed in his notice and Malcolm Young, the co-founder of the band, was in a nursing home, so it seemed to me that the time was right to explore how Angus came to be, quite literally, the last man standing — the final original member of the band.”

The New South Wales-based author is bringing his book to Perth for a five-show tour, including a stint at Fremantle’s new Bon Scott festival Bonfest.

“It’s a great ‘circuit’, of sorts, speaking in libraries because most audiences are engaged and interested in my work and always come with loads of questions, opinions and observations,” he said.

“I like to mix things up, providing a bit of my background, a bit of history about the book and its subject; I also read a passage or two from the book.

“Then I throw it open to the audience — I love the interaction that comes out of that.”

Jeff Apter Tour Dates

February 15: City of Perth Library, 6pm.

February 16: Bonfest, 3pm.

February 16: Joondalup Library, 6pm.

February 17: Strange Company, Fremantle, 12.30pm.

February 19: Armadale Library, 6pm.

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