Action to slow drivers in Canning Vale

THE City of Gosnells has approved the installation of more speed cushions, this time on Amherst Road in Canning Vale.

Residents living near the intersection with Fraser Road North have complained to the City about incidents of dangerous driving and speeding vehicles.

There have been 12 crashes at the intersection in the past five years.

The council plans to put a cushion adjacent to each splitter island on each approach in Amherst Road, and a cushion in each traffic lane adjacent to public open space 80 metres north of Fraser Road North.

In August, the council introduced an ‘I slow down in Gosnells’ sticker to encourage drivers to reduce their speed, particularly around road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

In July, the City also approved speed cushions for Westfield Street in Maddington.

The cushions will cost about $25,000.