Armadale pioneers to celebrate the City

Mt Richon residents and Armadale pioneers Tom and Maxine Pratt. Picture: Jon Hewson d474146
Mt Richon residents and Armadale pioneers Tom and Maxine Pratt. Picture: Jon Hewson d474146

ARMADALE’S pioneers are coming together to celebrate the achievements of the men and women who have made the City what it is today.

Mt Richon residents Tom and Maxine Pratt have been along to the Pioneers Reunion since it began, with both sharing a long history with the area.

Mr Pratt (88) was born in Jarrahdale, and was two or three when his family moved to Armadale.

“My dad’s father had property on the corner of Fifth Road and Railway Avenue. My dad built a house on one of the blocks, and we were there,” he said.

“Apart from three years when I worked up in the northwest on a station, I’ve always been in Armadale.”

Mrs Pratt (84) moved to Armadale at 12 or 13, and the pair soon met at one of the dances around town.

“We met at a dance in Armadale, there used to be a dance every week,” she said.

“They were held on a regular basis in those days, there were lots of dance bands around at the time,” Mr Pratt said.

Mr and Mrs Pratt married at 25 and 20, and went on to have four children; the pair have just celebrated the birth of their 11th great-grandchild.

Both have been heavily involved in their community, with Mrs Pratt playing hockey for Kelmscott and Mr Pratt playing football in the south suburban association.

“In our younger days, when Armadale was only just a small sort of country town, you knew everybody. If you went up the street, you’d have to spend a day there because people would stop and talk,” Mr Pratt said.

The Mt Richon couple are looking forward to the Pioneers Reunion in October, and said it was a fantastic chance to see all their friends.

“It’s nice, because you’d never have the chance to catch up with them otherwise,” Mrs Pratt said.

All residents who have lived in the district for 50 years or more are invited to the annual reunion, which will be held on Saturday, October 7, from 2pm at Kelmscott Hall.

If you have not yet received a personal invitation and have lived in the City of Armadale for 50 years, continually or otherwise, contact the Mayor’s Office to register your details on 9394 5639.