Armadale supported motion despite ambiguities

Armadale Mayor  Henry Zelones.
Armadale Mayor Henry Zelones.

ARMADALE Mayor Henry Zelones said the City supported the motion calling for more transparency in local governments, but it was rushed and many questions were left unanswered.

�We supported the motion because the underlying intent is acceptable and mostly in place at the City of Armadale,� he said.

�But, I did express concern that some aspects of the motion were not clear.

�The motion contained reference to bar developers from contributing to election campaigns and I questioned why just developers.

�Vincent Mayor John Carey did not answer my questions, but in the end I was confident that it would be addressed when it got to WALGA, hence my support.�

Cr Zelones said there were already laws and rules in place regarding gifts and donations and he was left wondering what the City of Vincent�s concerns were.

�My take is that it was overwhelmingly rejected by rural local governments and as this motion was raised as a very late motion, many delegates would not have seen it prior to the meeting.�

Cr Zelones said he was in favour of more transparency as long as it was fair.

�I do feel the motion being put forward was a last-minute request and their argument, while sounding righteous, did lack clarity,� he said.