Ashburton on the Green: 3kg doughnut too challenging for participants

Rob Coales takes a bite out of a doughnut.
Rob Coales takes a bite out of a doughnut.

A 3kg doughnut challenge was a mouth-watering attraction at the Ashburton on the Green on November 19.

Ashburton on the Green was a community fair that was organised by the Ashburton Drive Primary School P&C.

The food challenge saw four ambitious competitors attempt to down 3kg of doughnuts with jam and cream.

Liberal candidate for Thornlie Rob Coales proved there was an everlasting connection between police officers and doughnuts as he went head to head with three others for the challenge.

None of the competitors was able to complete the challenge with Mr Coales managing to down 2kg of the doughnut.

“I thought I’d have this one in the bag given my background in law enforcement,” Coales lamented on his quasi-victory.

“I’ve certainly had a whole decade’s worth of doughnuts this past weekend and I’ll have to do a fair bit of extra door-knocking to burn off all of those extra calories.”