Asphalt plant proposal concerns residents

Boral proposes to build the temporary plant at its existing quarry site to supply the $1 billion Gateway WA project, Main Roads WA’s largest ever infrastructure project, which aims to build road networks around Perth Airport, Kewdale and Forrestfield.

Orange Grove residents who are worried about health and environmental issues have held public meetings about the proposal.

Gosnells District Progress and Ratepayers Association referred the proposal to the Environmental Protection Authority, which said it was not required to accept the referral and would not do so.

Mr Tallentire said residents could not appeal this decision, meaning the plant would go ahead despite their concerns.

‘This proposal contains significant environmental concerns, especially relating to the potential impact on air quality,’ he said.

‘Mr Jacob must instruct the EPA to conduct an assessment.’

Mr Jacob said the proposal was in the early stages of seeking approvals.

‘The EPA is an independent body that, quite appropriately, does not operate under the directive of the Government of the day,’ he said.

‘The EPA made a decision not to examine the proposal.

‘That was its decision to make and I will not interfere.’

Mr Jacob said he believed the Department of Environment Regulation was capable of assessing the proposal.

‘It should also be noted that planning and health approvals are also needed if the proposal is to go ahead,’ he said.

‘The approvals process is a rigorous one and the community will be given the opportunity to comment on the proposal and appeal any conditions imposed if the approval is granted.’

The City of Gosnells is making a recommendation to the WA Planning Commission in coming months, which will include submissions from residents.