Beckenham Aboriginal Elder nominated for award after years of tireless work

Beckenham Aboriginal Elder nominated for award after years of tireless work

‘IF you can’t get an outcome don’t go down that road.’

That is the philosophy Beckenham Aboriginal Elder Mary Cowley uses in all the work she does.

She has been recognised for a lifetime of working to improve the health, social and justice conditions for Aboriginal people by being nominated for a Community Service Award as part of the WA Seniors Awards.       

The 65-year-old said it was an honour to receive the nomination.

“I was talking to my granddaughter and said I didn’t realise the extent of what I achieved over the years,” she said.

“My views are if you can’t have outcomes, then don’t develop programs if you are not going to achieve outcomes.

“If everyone took the line of wanting to make a difference and wanting to make an outcome I don’t think we would be dealing with some of the major issues that we are dealing with at the minute.”

She was born in Broome and raised in Derby with strong cultural connection with the Bardi, Worrora and Ngarinyin country.

Ms Cowley has been very involved in the community as she started working fulltime as an enrolled nurse while playing A grade netball and basketball and volunteering at sporting clubs.

She has also been chief executive of the Aboriginal Family Law Service that provides legal representation as well as strong leadership around family and domestic violence.

The winners of all the categories will be announced at a ceremony on November 6 during WA Seniors Week.