Bedfordale intersection funding sought to fix ‘serious safety issue’

Bedfordale intersection funding sought to fix ‘serious safety issue’

A BEDFORDALE intersection that has been called a “serious safety issue” for school children has been included in a funding submission to the Blackspot program.

The move follows a petition signed by 231 people that called on the City of Armadale to upgrade the intersection.

The petitioners wanted the council to install a barrier system along the edge of Carradine Road in Bedfordale at the approach to Carawatha Avenue.

“This path is frequently used by young school children and parents and has been noted as a serious safety issue with fast-moving traffic,” the petition said.

It said the “probability of a major incident/injury or death from a young child being struck by a vehicle passing is likely to occur”.

Residents also called for improved signage and crosswalk markings.

At its meeting last week, the council decided to include the upgrade, estimated to cost $120,000, in its 2017-18 State and Federal government Blackspot funding submissions.

The City completed a road safety audit in response to the petition.

The audit found that average speeds during school hours exceeded the 40km/h limit by about 17km/h.

“This is considered high and supports the petitioners’ view that vehicles are travelling at excessive speeds along Carradine Road adjacent to the Carawatha Avenue intersection and pedestrian crossing during school times,” a council report said.

Included in the upgrade, if funding is approved, will be a guard rail on the southern side of Carradine Road and more signage at a pedestrian crossing to the north of the Carawatha Avenue intersection.

A solid median island with a pedestrian refuge has also been proposed to be built on the Carradine Road bend due to limited visibility.

“These items address the concerns raised in the petition,” the report said.

“Additional items of work have also been shown to further improve the safety at this location.”

These include upgraded street lighting and installation of bollards to prevent parking at the intersection which would impede sight lines.

The council also requested police to enforce the 40km/h speed zone.