Blood donation star Terry Healy joins the 300 club

Blood donation star Terry Healy joins the 300 club

HUNGTINDALE resident Terry Healy has achieved a lot in his 34 years.

He is a head of year at Southern River College, a City of Gosnells councillor, a candidate for the Labor Party for the seat of Southern River, a marriage celebrant, married earlier this year and become a father in July.

So it is not wonder that last Wednesday he become the youngest person in Australia to make 300 donations of blood.

“I hope I hold this title for a very short period of time, I am all about younger people giving blood,” he said.

“There is a lot of stuff I want to do in the next 50 years.

“Giving blood is something anyone can do and it is easy and it helps the community.”

Mr Healy said he had been donating blood since he was 17.

“I am part of scouts and my rover scout group organised a group blood donation night, I then continued to donate blood every fortnight,” he said.

“I always felt it was an easy thing to fit into my schedule.”

“My daughter was born 3.5 weeks premature and I felt reassured that if there were complications and we needed blood supplies for my daughter it would be available.”

He said he had a break two years ago from donating and had a broken ankle, meaning the record could get broken if they regularly donated every fought night.

You can start donating blood as early as age 16, with parental consent.

Sixteen to 17 year olds can donate once a year.

Once you reach 18, you can donate blood every 12 weeks.

Plasma donors can donate as often as every two weeks. You can start donating plasma from age 18 if you’re male, or age 20 if you’re female.