Building lives with Lego

Family play time: The Bolgers, mum Rhona, dad Clay and children Alyssa (11) and Lachlan (10).       d459440
Family play time: The Bolgers, mum Rhona, dad Clay and children Alyssa (11) and Lachlan (10).       d459440

LEGO is being used as the building blocks to help the lives of WA children.

Last year’s Telethon child and Maddington resident Alyssa Bolger has been travelling to schools in the Perth metro area talking about autism and is about to get the Brick Time Clubs up and running.

The clubs aim to help children grow up in a respectful and accepting society.

They are an after-school project that provides a fun and safe environment for children and young adults to spend time developing friendships as they build Lego sets together or play games.

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Alyssa and her family started Alyssa’s Autism Acceptance project to promote autism acceptance throughout their community.

Alyssa and her brother both have autism and it was Alyssa who told her mother she wanted to help other children with autism after Telethon last year.

Her mother Rhona Bolger said that after Telethon last year, lots of autistic children sent messages just wanting to be friends.

She said Lego did wonders for Alyssa. “She loves it,” Ms Bolger said. “She loved Lego from a very young age and school can be quite taxing and difficult for her.”

The family have been trying to raise funds for the project and received a $1000 grant from P&N Bank.

Ms Bolger said Alyssa shutting out the world and playing with Lego after school helped her to refresh herself after a long day of school.

“The school talks provide an engaging and child friendly presentation that aims to make sure that kids on the spectrum know how awesome they are, and also to provide information to their peers, families and educators about autism, how it can affect people, and the importance of autism acceptance,” she said.