Building site sand angers residents

David McCann amid the built-up sand.
David McCann amid the built-up sand.

Resident David McCann said since Christmas, the problem of sand blowing on to his and neighbouring properties, which back on to the Heron Park construction site, had steadily worsened.

He said recent strong easterly winds, and people riding dirt bikes across the site, were causing sand to choke ‘once nicely mulched’ verges, and build up on the streets.

He said residents had to stay inside and keep windows shut, and that shade cloth property developer Satterley Property Group had put over wind fences were inadequate.

A Satterley spokeswoman said the company had ‘hydromulched’ the site with paper and water after a contractor handed over responsibility in November, but the dirt bikes and easterlies had eroded this layer.

She said Satterley only found out about the issue on February 21, and since then it had reapplied hydromulch, put down sand solidifier Dustex and installed the shade cloth.

A Satterley representative met residents last Thursday to discuss ways to remedy the problem.

Contractors will soon be responsible for managing dust again after civil works recommence.