Burglaries on the rise in Thornlie, Gosnells, Armadale and Canning Vale according to RAC

Burglaries on the rise in Thornlie, Gosnells, Armadale and Canning Vale according to RAC

RESIDENTS from Thornlie, Canning Vale, Gosnells and Armadale submit among the most home burglary claims, according to figures released by RAC.

The figures show an 11 per cent increase in home contents theft claims this financial year from more than 2500 claims.

Thornlie was ranked number one with Bassendean and Beechboro. Canning Vale came in fourth, Gosnells fifth and Armadale seventh.

RAC Insurance Home Claims manager Glen Walker said it was especially bad when people went on holidays.

According to the RAC, results of interviews with police detainees featured in an Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) report revealed that home alarms were the second biggest deterrent to burglars after barking dogs.

Almost 50 per cent of burglars said working home alarms were an effective deterrent.

“Fourteen per cent of our surveyed members already protect their homes with alarm and security systems when they’re away,” Mr Walker said.

The report showed burglars were aware of attempts to make a home appear occupied, such as leaving lights or electrical appliances on for hours at night, and it was often a signal of an empty home.

“There are some things we do to give the impression someone is home, such as leaving lights, televisions or radios on for many hours; that can actually have the opposite effect,” Mr Walker warned.

“Western Australians should be aware that opportunistic thieves are on the look-out for easy targets.

“Keep garden sheds and workshops locked as power tools are at high risk of being stolen and tradesmen should be extra vigilant to secure tools that are carried in motor vehicles.

“Don’t make it easy for thieves by leaving spare keys in obvious places like under doormats or in flowerpots.

“Instead, leave spare keys with a trusted neighbour, friend or family member.

“If possible, install a home security system and use the window stickers that come with it to warn potential thieves there is an alarm system in place.”