Buti calls for clarity over school merger

A spokeswoman for the Department of Education directed Comment News to a two-page media factsheet on the changes to public schooling, and said any decisions would be subject to cabinet consideration.

The changes to schooling were prompted by the Teese review that showed funding distribution to schools was inefficient and found major variances in the way public schools were staffed.

A new model would begin in 2015 and would see funding based on the number of students enrolled and their specific needs rather than funds based on school types and programs.

According to the factsheet, the State Government had ‘expressed its interest in revitalising secondary education particularly in the greater Fremantle and Armadale areas.’

‘Any decisions about amalgamations and closures will follow community consultation and be subject to Cabinet consideration,’ it read.

In Parliament last week, Armadale MLA Tony Buti called for the schools considered for amalgamation to be publicly identified.

‘The Premier made a throwaway remark about school amalgamations in Armadale,’ he told Comment News last week.

‘However he has provided no details of the schools he has earmarked for amalgamation and the timetable.

‘This is causing much uncertainty and stress for many teachers, parents and students.’