Byford Lightweight Motorcycle Club has shed stolen

AN expensive shed purchased with Federal grant money was stolen less than a day after its delivery to Byford’s Lightweight Motorcycle Club.

The shed materials were stolen from the club’s home on the South Western Highway between 7pm Friday March 24 and 6.30am Saturday March 25.

The materials had only been delivered to the club at 4.30pm Friday March 24.

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The club purchased the green, 9m x 20m metre shed after it obtained a Federal Government grant worth $17, 000.

Because the club bought the materials using the grant money, they are required to build the structure or repay the funds by April 30.

The club is not in a financial position to repay the funds or replace the stolen materials anytime soon.

As the shed had not been constructed, it was not covered by insurance.

The club had planned to use the materials to construct a staging area to offer protection from extreme weather during summer and winter.

Police are examining CCTV from surrounding towns, but currently there is no word on its whereabouts.

Motorcycling Western Australia and the Lightweight Motorcycle Club are asking community members to watch for shed materials on local buy, sell and swap websites.