Caleb gives special gift to wildlife shelter

The wildlife shelter’s main water pump was stolen last month, leaving volunteers who rehabilitate the animals with only a limited amount of water to use.

Meanwhile, Caleb was about to celebrate his ninth birthday, but when he heard about the incident he suggested to friends that instead of buying him gifts, they could donate money which would go to his choice of charity.

Within a week, Caleb arranged to visit Darling Range Wildlife Shelter and present volunteers with his gift of $250.

Executive co-ordinator Michelle Hazelwood said volunteers were overwhelmed by Caleb’s generosity.

She said his donation would help the shelter with the cost of replacing the water pump.

Darling Range Wildlife Shelter is a not-for-profit and volunteer organisation that treats and rehabilitates Australian native wildlife.

If you would like to donate to the shelter, email

To report an injured or sick animal, call 9394 0885, or to volunteer at the shelter, call 0400 802 409.