Calls for footpath along busy road

MLA Terry Healy with residents Coreena Whyte and Caroline Surtees. Photo: Jon Hewson. d493910
MLA Terry Healy with residents Coreena Whyte and Caroline Surtees. Photo: Jon Hewson. d493910

A PETITION is calling for a footpath along Holmes Street in Southern River amid growing concerns for pedestrian safety.

Southern River MLA Terry Healy is leading a community push for the footpath, saying the residential build up in the area coupled with the growth of Southern Grove Primary School was making busy Holmes Street increasingly dangerous for pedestrians.

He said a footpath needed to be built between Goraba Court and Southern River Road as a matter of priority.

“I believe it is very important for the City to install footpath infrastructure along Holmes St where none presently exists, even if it is temporary in nature, to allow our local parents, families and young people to safely navigate this stretch of road,” he said.

“It is a very busy road with lots of primary school students and recreational users, but the council doesn’t see it as a priority.

“The sooner the path is built the safer young children and the community will be.”

Southern River resident Coreena Whyte said she agreed.

“At the moment kids are riding on the road itself while cars speed around them at up to 70km/h, or they are riding on the gravel or dirt road while cars speed by them,” she said.

“It is an accident waiting to happen.

“My son has already fallen off his bike riding through the dirt and grazed his face and arm and it’s not going to get any safer.”

City of Gosnells chief executive Ian Cowie said they recognised there was a need for this footpath and that money for its construction had been included in the draft budget.

“The City was planning to extend Garden Street into Holmes Street and the footpath construction would have occurred at this time,” he said.

“Unfortunately, the Garden Street extension has been delayed and this has delayed footpath construction.

“If approved, the path will be constructed in the next six months.”