Domestic violence campaign urges teenagers to speak up against assaults

TEENAGERS are the target of a new domestic violence campaign which aims to prevent young people from engaging in violent behaviours towards women.

The Youth Say No website was launched by the State Government on White Ribbon Day last week.

It aims to empower young people to challenge attitudes that foster violence against women and to develop respectful relationships.

Research shows that one in four young people aged 12 to 24 have attitudes that put young men at risk of perpetrating, excusing or tolerating violence against women.

Child Protection Minister Helen Morton said the campaign was developed to help young people recognise unacceptable attitudes and behaviours, family and domestic violence, dating violence and to also teach them how to support a friend if they were being abused.

“I encourage young people, especially during leavers week, to always speak out and challenge the attitudes and behaviours that condone the use of violence against women,” she said.

“This will help foster generational change in attitudes and empower our youth to understand the role they can have in bringing family and domestic violence and sexual assault to an end.” The Youth Say No website highlights the different forms of family and domestic violence, dating violence and shows what support is available.

The website will also include teaching resources to help embed respectful relationships education into the school curriculum.

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