Candidates put priorities on table

‘The feedback I am receiving from our community is that cost of living pressure is an enormous concern,’ Mr Wyatt said.

‘People are worried about break-ins, about anti-social behaviour and about road safety with hoons on our streets.

‘This is not good enough and we need better community safety so that people do feel safe in their own homes.’

He said internet access was also a problem, with entire suburbs within the electorate and pockets of other suburbs that were broadband black-spot areas.

Labor candidate Adrian Evans said education and after-hours care for school children were election priorities.

He said the Better Schools plan would provide better resources and he wanted to make sure the package was delivered to the south-eastern suburbs.

‘Where you grow up should not determine the type of education you receive,’ he said.

‘Before and after-hours care for school kids is another big issue for families in our local community. I know what it’s like to be a working parent and having access to after-hours care when you need it is important for modern working families.’

Greens candidate Peter Langlands felt jobs, housing affordability and transport were the top three issues in the southern part of Hasluck.

‘Small business owners are at the heart of the economy, providing jobs to almost half the workforce,’ Mr Langlands said.

He said his party planned to reduce company tax to ease pressure on small business.

The Greens Transforming Perth plan would develop corridors of vibrant business and accommodation along key transport routes like Albany Highway with more medium density housing.

Australian Christians candidate Jason Whittaker said he felt local issues had fallen on deaf ears and he would fight for greater preservation of natural bush and create Hasluck as a haven for families and people who want to live in safety.

The Palmer United Party put forward Robin Scott, who wants to see more jobs and training, affordable housing and updated sport and recreation facilities and better aged care and seniors facilities.