CCC inquiry into Gosnells mayor Olwen Searle closed

The CCC has dropped an investigation into whether City of Gosnells mayor Olwen Searle (pictured) lied under oath.
The CCC has dropped an investigation into whether City of Gosnells mayor Olwen Searle (pictured) lied under oath.

THE file has been closed on the Corruption and Crime Commission’s investigation into whether City of Gosnells Mayor Olwen Searle lied under oath.

City of Gosnells councillor Glenn Dewhurst had requested the CCC investigate if Ms Searle lied about her residential address when she took the mayoral oath.

The CCC has closed the case, saying in a statement that it could “confirm it has assessed a matter relating to the City of Gosnells in which no serious misconduct was identified and has subsequently closed its file.”

Ms Searle owns properties in Kenwick and Canning Vale. Her Canning Vale property is in the City of Canning.

She put her residence down as Kenwick but Cr Dewhurst questioned whether she had made an inappropriate declaration and approached the CCC to investigate it.

In a statement to Comment News, Cr Searle said she always had conducted her business with the highest level of integrity.

“After assessment the CCC have advised me that the matter is finalised and the file closed,” she said.

“The CCC were able to take that action without calling any witnesses because the complaint made by Councillor Dewhurst was without foundation.

“I never misled on oath, my position is vindicated by the fact that the CCC closed the file without calling a single witness.”

“I will do whatever is necessary to empower each councillor to independently consider matters… and act with integrity for the good of ratepayers.”

Cr Searle has also asked Cr Dewhurst to publically apologise for his allegations.

“Councillor Dewhurst’s allegations included in his motion, as reported widely in the newspapers, were inappropriate, incorrect, hurtful and defamatory,” she said. “Councillor Dewhurst has been notified that the CCC has closed their file on his complaint.

“In my view he ought to publically apologise for alleging I gave misleading information on oath on two occasions to mislead council and ratepayers.”

Cr Dewhust said he was disappointed at the outcome of the investigation and would not be apologising.