Christmas police crackdown in Armadale

Sen Sgt Mark Tobiassen.
Sen Sgt Mark Tobiassen.

ARMADALE Police have joined forces with the City of Armadale and local shop owners in order to curb crime over the Christmas period.

Armadale Police officer-in-charge Mark Tobiassen said he wanted to remove the stigma that Armadale was a high crime area.

During the Christmas period, police will work with local bottle shop owners in the area to make sure people are only served once.

Police will also target Thursday night shopping.

Senior Sergeant Tobiassen said previous intelligence gathered showed that it was a high volume area during the Christmas period.

“We are going to have mounted police as well as drug dogs out,” he said.

“We want to show that Armadale is a safe area for people to come to.”

Police will als work with the City to make sure they have access to all CCTV footage.

“The message from us is a warning to anyone who has the intention of coming to the CBD to act anti-socially or commit offences: we are gong to target them in an effort to help people feel safe,” he said.

Sen Sgt Tobiassen said he was working closely with traders in the CBD to stop people from drinking in the area.

“Together, we have come up with the plan of only serving people once in a day so they can’t go back multiple times,” he said.

“People drinking in the mall will be dealt with the power we have.

“We want people to look back and say Armadale is not a bad place to be.”