City of Gonsells to investigate possible dog parks

City of Gonsells to investigate possible dog parks

A GROUP of City of Gosnells residents are hoping Sutherlands Park becomes a dog exercise area despite a council report deeming it an inappropriate site.

At the ordinary council meeting on July 12, council received a petition from Anton Roberts containing 44 signatures, and on Tuesday, council voted in favour of receiving a report to be considered for approval.

The petition said residents wanted the City to consider approving Sutherlands Park to be an active sporting and leisure park available for the whole community and for part of it to be designated off lead to provide adequate exercise and socialisation of dogs.

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“We wish to be considered a welcomed group within the local area and afford the same opportunity to utilise these wonderful grounds as other groups are as part of our local community,” the petition said.

The nearest off leash area of Sutherlands Park is on Old Polo Cross Field which is 1.2km south-west of Sutherlands Park on Southern River Road.

Council documents said given Sutherlands Park’s extensive use for active sports, and in the absence of an enclosed dog exercise area established at the site, it was not considered appropriate as a dog exercise area at this time due to the high likelihood of dogs off lead interfering with sporting activities.

One of the potential issues was that the ovals would be contaminated by dog excrement should the dogs be allowed off their lead.

The City will investigate other potential sites for an enclosed dog exercise area.