City of Gosnells has say on puppy farms

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THE City of Gosnells has rejected some measures in the State Government’s Stop Puppy Farming consultation papers, saying it will make dog ownership too expensive for most residents.

The consultation paper were released for public comment in May with a number of measures aimed at stopping puppy farming within WA, including mandatory dog de-sexing and breeding standards, a centralised registration system and turning pet shops into adoption centres.

Gosnells mayor Glenn Dewhurst said the City’s submission on the paper outlined concerns the proposals were a broad approach that would affect all dog owners instead of targeting those involved in puppy farming.

“It is likely that mandatory sterilisation will reduce the supply of dogs and potentially drive breeders underground,” he said.

“I am extremely concerned that if the supply of dogs is severely restricted, prices will increase dramatically.

“This could make it unaffordable for the average person to purchase a dog.”

He said giving local governments additional responsibilities in this area could result in residents also bearing a rate increase.

Local Government minister David Templeman said they were aiming for a more regulated breeding industry and a drop in the number of dogs that were neglected or needed rehoming.

“As an unregulated industry in Western Australia, puppy farming is able to operate without scrutiny, resulting in many unwanted dogs at animal shelters,” he said.