City of Gosnells Mayor clarifies Australian Police Medal gaffe

Gosnells Mayor Glenn Dewhurst has clarified which police medals he has.
Gosnells Mayor Glenn Dewhurst has clarified which police medals he has.

CITY of Gosnells Mayor Glenn Dewhurst has clarified he does not have an Australian Police Medal (APM) following public and council scrutiny.

Councillor Olwen Searle had proposed the post-nominals ‘APM’ be placed next to the mayor’s name on the City’s honour board, subject to verification.

The Mayor was asked at the May 8 council meeting by Gosnells Going Forward chairman Leon Walker whether or not he had the APM.

He told Mr Walker he had been awarded an Australian Police Medal, issued by the West Australian Police Department in 2004.

Afterwards, he released a statement clarifying the four medals he had were the WA Police Cross for Bravery, the National Police Service Medal, the National Medal and the WA Police Medal.

However, at the meeting the mayor did not initially clarify whether he had the APM or whether he had a national police medal.

Cr Dewhurst was asked on numerous occasions whether he had an APM, to which he repeatedly stated “I have four police medals.”

He eventually said his National Police Service Medal was often referred to by police as an Australian Police Medal, but was not the APM.

“I’ve always referred to it as an Australian Medal, but it’s actually the National Police Medal. I never gave it another thought,” he said.

“When I was asked about the Australian Police Medal, I thought I categorically did (answer). When I realised I didn’t, I made a press release.

“I haven’t preached about my medals because cops do a good job every day.”

He refuted Cr Searle’s claim he had lied about having the APM.

Cr Peter Abetz said given the mayor did not possess the medal, the May 8 meeting minutes must be amended and the motion was withdrawn.

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