City of Gosnells passes controversial new waste laws

THE City of Gosnells passed its new waste laws at the November 22 council meeting, deciding that the maximum fine for infringements would be $250 and not $400 as originally proposed.

The regulations were passed because hazardous rubbish had led to several truck fires, and items such as a goat carcass, gas bottles and asbestos had been found in bins.

The new laws provided the options of fines for depositing non-collectable waste, exceeding weight capacity and failing to keep bins in good condition.

Councillor Terry Healy was the only councillor to vote against the new law.

Cr Healy claimed the majority of people in Gosnells thought the council had gone too far.

Cr David Goode said strongly supported the law and thought it was “extremely well drafted”.

Cr Glenn Dewhurst also expressed support and said it was the sort of thing that needed to stop.

Gosnells chief executive Ian Cowie said offenders would receive infringement and warning notices before being fined.

The council agenda said: “the proposed local law is also necessary to provide the City with the ability to deal with those residents who continue to dispose of waste inappropriately.”

The City received 32 public submissions and one of these was a petition that got 509 signatures.

Three submissions were in favour of the changes, one was a business proposal, two provided comment and the remaining 26 submissions were against.

Some of the issues that appeared in the submissions included education rather than regulation and subjectivity of the local law provisions.