City of Gosnells rejects calls to axe London plane trees

GOSNELLS councillors have approved the retention of London plane trees in Towncentre Drive in Thornlie.

A petition was initially presented at the August 9 council meeting requesting removal of the trees.

A motion to retain the trees was passed 6-3 at the September 27 council meeting, with Mayor Olwen Searle and councillors Terry Healy and Pierre Yang against. Three councillors were missing from the meeting – Glenn Dewhurst, Ron Mitchell and Peter Griffiths.

The cost of removing the trees would have been $47,600 and an additional cost of $55,100 to purchase suitable mature trees and provide care for the first two years.

In 2007, the City received correspondence from residents requesting the removal of the trees.

A resolution was made on May 27, 2008 with council noting the submissions but retaining the trees.

The City received a petition in December 2013 containing 59 signatures saying they were inappropriately huge and the roots damaged the residential infrastructure.

A report was prepared in 2014 and council approved the retention of the trees due to the significant amenity value.

The City undertook a visual inspection of all London plane trees after the petition this year that revealed the health of the trees had not changed since the last inspection.