City of Gosnells to look into diversifying revenue streams to take pressure off ratepayers

City of Gosnells chief executive Ian Cowie
City of Gosnells chief executive Ian Cowie

CITY of Gosnells will investigate ways to diversify its revenue streams and reduce pressure for rate increases.

Chief executive Ian Cowie will prepare a report after the council unanimously voted on Tuesday night to investigate opportunities for the City to raise revenue outside of rates.

Mr Cowie will report back to the council in six months on potential ways the council could make extra money.

Council will not be committed to follow through on any of the ideas which may arise from the report.

While all councillors supported the motion, proposed by Mayor Glenn Dewhurst, they raised concerns regarding the risks involved.

Councillor Olwen Searle said she had no issue with the motion or the intent and it was their duty to attempt to lessen the burden for ratepayers.

However, she did say while they were not asking Mr Cowie to spend large amounts of money at this stage, she may have an issue when council had to assess the risks of any potential money-making ventures.

Cr Peter Abetz warned attempts to generate funds carried a risk, given there was no guarantee any business venture would be successful.

He asked whether they as a local government should even consider running a private business as it was not their role to do so.

Meanwhile, Cr Peter Goode urged council to remember they were a local government first and foremost and they had to be mindful of not treading on private enterprise toes.

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