City will pay to use cat facility – Mayor

‘The City of South Perth, with support from the City of Armadale and other local government authorities, will share a Cat Management Facility,’ he said.

The facility is expected to be finished next month.

The City of Canning will also use the shared facility.

‘Indicative costs for the City of Armadale, associated with the shared use of the CMF, are estimated to be $12,000 per annum,’ Cr Zelones said.

Income derived from impounding and registration fees is expected to offset these costs.

He said the limited cat sterilisation subsidy of $50 offered by the council will enable 150 cats to be sterilised.

Subsidies are limited to two cats per owner or property and apply to low income earners or pensioners who pay the full cost of the sterilisation in the first instance.

Proof of sterilisation must be submitted to the City upon application for subsidy. In the City of Armadale, seizing and impounding cats will incur a fee of $100 and a daily charge of $20 while the cat is impounded.