Complete stranger offers $1000 toward reward for return of Bedfordale family’s missing dogs

Missy and Brock, the Kenyon family’s missing Rottweilers.
Missy and Brock, the Kenyon family’s missing Rottweilers.

A COMPLETE stranger has offered to put $1000 towards a reward for the safe return of two dogs to a young Bedfordale family.

The Kenyon family’s Rottweilers Brock and Missy have been missing since May 11, with the family searching every day since.

It was originally thought the much-loved family dogs were lost in the bush as their home backs on to Bungendore Park in Armadale, but no further information has come forward.

On Saturday, a stranger to the Kenyon family offered $1000 on Facebook towards any reward they wanted to put up for Brock and Missy’s safe return.

“I couldn’t take that off her, but that’s how bad everyone’s trying to get them home,” Lee-Anne Kenyon said.

“This lady had lost a dog before, so she knew how we were feeling.”

Ms Kenyon said her family had Brock since he was seven weeks old, and bought Missy as a rescue about a year and a half ago.

“Brock was our first baby. They mean a lot. We’ve had two babies since then, and they’re part of our family, it’s been horrible. Our almost three year old daughter is constantly asking about them, and whenever we leave the house, she’s constantly asking if we’re going to find the puppies,” Ms Kenyon said.

Brock and Missy are mainly indoor dogs not used to the elements; they sleep inside, and Brock has never spent a night outdoors before.

Ms Kenyon said she could not stop thinking about what was happening to the dogs and how they were being treated.

The family has not heard any solid sightings in three weeks, after two black dogs were seen in Bungendore Park.

A large-scale search was undertaken with friends, family, strangers, the local SES and fire brigade, and dozens of people were also out on Saturday night in Byford after reports of two roaming dogs.

There has been a great deal of speculation over what has happened to the dogs, with one anonymous call to the family suggesting the dogs were picked up by travellers en-route to Katherine and dumped in Derby, with the Derby ranger quick to offer support to the Kenyons.

Ms Kenyon said she would like to thank the people who had spent time searching and continuing to support and help the hunt for Brock and Missy.

The dogs will come when their names are called, and both are microchipped so can be taken to the vet or ranger.

If you have seen Brock and Missy, call Lee-Anne Kenyon on 0478 350 229.

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