Connected future on horizon in new housing plan

the plan in Armadale
Connected future on horizon in new housing plan
the plan in Armadale

THE State Government has announced it will build medium to high-density apartments along Perth’s transport corridors.

The new project, Connected Living, aims to build housing close to train lines in order to make it easier for people to connect via public transport.

The new developments will be near the Armadale, Gosnells, Butler, East Perth, Midland, Perth and Wellard train lines.

The Government is now seeking the private sector to deliver the developments.

The seven sites will total 28,000sq m of land, which will be worth $20 million. More than 500 apartments are expected to be built.

Developments are aimed to enhance the use of transport and provide affordable homes around transport corridors.

Housing Minster Colin Holt launched the program last week and said Connected Living represented the first time the State Government had engaged in a transport-aligned initiative of this scale and that it would pave the way for future infill and transit-oriented living in Perth.

“We need to maximise the use of the State Government’s major transport and infrastructure investment by ensuring the highest and best use of surrounding land for medium and higher-density living and promotion of activity and vibrancy in these areas,” he said.

“It embraces the State’s housing and infill strategies with a focus on facilitating and supporting innovation in the delivery of high quality, affordable medium to higher-density housing developments.

Opposition spokesperson for planning Rita Saffioti said the Government should also be looking at fixing infrastructure.

“The concept is welcomed, but it is not revolutionary. Putting housing near train stations is what we should have been doing for a long time,” she said.

“Sticking apartment blocks on vacant land without any improvement to existing infrastructure or public open space is not how we should be planning our city.”