Council approves Lakers Tavern courtyard extension despite residents protests

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CITY of Gosnells councillors have approved a planned beer garden at Lakers Tavern despite local residents’ protests.

Lakers’ application outlined plans for a 123sqm extension to the existing courtyard, to be enclosed with a partially glazed 2.1m wall.

Residents had voiced objections during the consultation period, highlighting the potential increase in noise, littering and anti-social behaviour.

Local resident Gary Roberts stated at the meeting he believed extending the garden bar would increase the number of incidents involving anti-social behaviour.

He said he had previously been assaulted by patrons and had broken up fights and local residents and police alike were sick of frequent incidents.

Fellow neighbour Chris Ralph said she was worried the proposed beer garden would mean the entertainment moved outside and increase noise levels.

The council report on the application said the applicant had suitably addressed noise concerns by extending the wall height to 2.1m.

Lakers’ representative Andrew Donovan stated at the meeting the tavern had plans to focus on food rather than alcohol service moving forward.

Councillor Peter Abetz said he was happy to support the application as it showed the tavern was trying to re-jig their business and attract a new type of clientele.

While councillor David Goode admitted he was concerned by the pub’s noise, he said the plans would make the tavern more pleasant and the upgraded facilities would not necessarily increase patronage.

Councillor Ron Mitchell said he had no problems with the planning application and issues surrounding anti-social behaviour would be tackled in the management plan the tavern was required to submit.