Council merger a ‘distinct possibility’

The City of Armadale’s chief executive Ray Tame made many statements about the city’s future during a breakfast forum in Armadale last Wednesday, May 29.

He said the population of the City was growing four times faster than the rest of Australia.

‘It’s 5.5 per cent, double that of Western Australia, four times the national average,’ Mr Tame said.

‘We are rolling out about one suburban street every week.’

He also said the City of Armadale would probably be required to merge with neighbouring Serpentine-Jarrahdale.

‘This is not something the city sought,’ Mr Tame said. ‘It hasn’t been announced yet, but it is a distinct likelihood and we cannot afford to be defensive about it.

‘If it’s going to happen, we are going to have to pick up and run with it, make the best of it as we can’