Cyclists now able to ride on footpaths without breaking the law

Cyclists now able to ride on footpaths without breaking the law

NEW rules will now allow adults to ride on footpaths without breaking the law.

The rules were put in place as of April 26.

Previously, only children under the age of 12 could ride a bicycle on a footpath but Deputy Premier and Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey said changes to the Road Traffic Code 2000 brought Western Australia into line with the rest of Australia.

Ms Harvey said the changes were “common sense”.

“If someone is not comfortable riding to the shops along the road, they can now choose to ride on the footpath without breaking the law,” she said.

“This is a common sense change and targeted at parents and leisure cyclists who travel at low speed and do not feel comfortable riding on the road.”

Bicycling Western Australia chief executive Jeremey Murray also said it was “common sense”.

“The rules will enable the less confident and less experienced riders to ride away from traffic,” he said.

“This is a major barrier to getting people riding bikes.

“Additionally, it gives the opportunity for parents to now ride with their children on footpaths.”

Mr Murray also recommended as people start riding bicycles more often – especially on paths where there are pedestrians – they should consider insurance to make sure they are covered in case of accidents.

Transport Minister Dean Nalder said local government bylaws could still ban cycling on specific footpaths if bicycle and pedestrians movements were deemed incompatible, for example outside aged care facilities.