Dog’s leg amputated after savage mauling

Dog’s leg amputated after savage mauling

Kenwick Veterinary Hospital veterinarian Nicole Lobry de Bruyn said it happened early on Sunday, June 16, in a rear, unfenced yard near the railway station at Stafford Street.

‘An unknown large dog attacked a 30-plus kg mixed breed dog, called Chubba, mauling it so savagely that an entire foreleg needed amputation,’ she said.

‘The leg had suffered severe nerve damage and was macerated to the bone.

‘In all my years as a veterinarian I have rarely seen the results of such a vicious attack, especially on such a big, strong dog.’

Chubba’s owner managed to rescue his dog but the vet said she had no doubt the larger dog would have continued its attack if the owner had not intervened.

‘The unknown dog ran off and it is not known if this dog is wandering or owned,’ Ms de Bruyn said.

‘The owners of Chubba believe the attacker may be a Rottweiler-type’