Dogs West looking to crown best of the best

"Jade", Penny Kelly (Event Chairperson) & "Cricket" are looking forward to Dogs West’s Celebration of the Best.

IF you think your pooch is a top dog, then Dogs West has the perfect event for you to prove it.

The organisation is holding their second annual Celebration of the Best at their Southern River grounds on August 11.

Dogs who have won or finished runner-up in select categories at All Breeds and Whole Group Club Championship Shows from July 2017-June 2018 are eligible to enter.

Prizes will be awarded in three categories: best show dog, best puppy and best neutered dog.

Committee member Sarah Griffiths said Dogs West were looking forward to crowning the best of the best and were flying in international judges to eliminate all bias.

“Our committee invites international judges who aren’t known to the participants until the day of the event,” she said.

“Last year we had judges from New Zealand and Japan who came in and were kept completely secret.”

Mrs Griffiths encouraged the public to get down to the event and said there would be plenty of information available for prospective dog owners.

“It’ll be a good event for the public, they can interact with breeders, talk about health testing and it will create awareness about what the Dogs West members actually do,” he said

“It’s a good opportunity to let the community in the area so they can come down, meet some dogs, meet some breeders and go from there.”

The deadline to register is Monday July 16. For more guidelines on entering the event, visit