Dr Karl upbeat on environment

World Environment Day brought Karl Kruszelnicki to Serpentine.
World Environment Day brought Karl Kruszelnicki to Serpentine.

This, combined with the sociable nature that has made ‘Dr Karl’ an Australian icon, meant the sheer volume of facts the author poured forth on World Environment Day in Serpentine surprised no one.

It was not the torrent of ideas that bowled his audience over, but his ability to pull together common threads, and present a vision for humanity’s future.

At the June 5 World Environment Day conference, hosted by Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire, Dr Kruszelnicki said the environment had slipped off Australia’s agenda.

‘Politicians are like cushions ” they only bear the imprint of who sat on them last,’ he said.

‘Corporations get 33 per cent of their profits from the environment, while taking trillions of dollars’ worth of its value away. What they do is legal, but immoral ” and it is us who end up paying.’

The author had appeared on four radio shows before his appearance in Serpentine, and said not one host knew of World Environment Day.

‘But we can win,’ he said, proceeding to tell stories of advances in computing, genetic research and engineering, including progressions in 3D printing technology.

‘We are heading for an industrial revolution, and this could mean the flowing of money back to be redistributed across the world,’ he said.

‘This is bigger than the printing press, the steam engine. The situation is not good but we can do something about it ” it could be the pendulum swinging back.’