Early success in police blitz

The three-month South-East Metropolitan Police District operation, launched to disrupt criminal activity in the area, also includes high-visibility bike, mounted and smart car patrols, as well as active pursuit of known offenders.

‘Booze bus staff are one of the units assisting in the area and the stats for only three days are surprising,’ Senior Sergeant Bouwman said. ‘(They equate) to 43 people who should not have been on our roads due to alcohol, drugs or no authority (to drive).

‘To me it shows that as a community, we still need to hold our friends and relatives to account and ensure they do not drive when affected by alcohol or drugs, to ensure they do not become another statistic.’

The three shifts were on May 10 (Armadale Road, Armadale), May 11 (Albany Highway, Kelmscott), and May 17 (South Western Highway, Byford).