Election: Greens endorse Muhammad Salman for seat of Burt; hopes to get more multicultural people involved in politics

Muhammad Salman is the Greens candidate for Burt.
Muhammad Salman is the Greens candidate for Burt.

GREENS candidate for Burt Muhammad Salman says he wants to get multicultural people more involved in politics .

Mr Salman is the third candidate announced for Burt with Matt Keogh running for Labor and Matt O’Sullivan running for Liberal.

Mr Keogh has been busy on the campaign trail since November and has been busy campaigning hard for what is expected to be a tightly contested seat.

Mr Salman said he was ready to hit the ground running with the election called for July 2.

He said getting migrants more interested in Australian politics was one of the things he was hoping to do during this campaign.

“We are going to walk the streets and knock on doors,” he said.

“More and more multicultural people are coming into this area and sometimes they are not very involved in politics maybe due to their cultural background.

“Being a skilled migrant myself, I am a very strong advocate for always helping other migrants, refugees and our diverse cultural groups in overcoming their barriers to successfully engage in our broader Australian population.”

Mr Salman lives in Southern River with his wife and three kids.

He came to WA seven years ago from Pakistan and worked fly-in fly-out as a mechanical engineer before making the move into real estate.

He said his key policies were creating more jobs as well as planning for a sustainable future using renewable energy.

“Australia is the land of the sun so why not make more use of it,” he said.

“The Greens are much more than just hugging trees.”