Family left with nothing

The fire started in the garage at 9.15pm on Saturday, July 6 and caused $250,000 damage.

The arson squad said the cause of the fire was undetermined.

The family have moved into a new rental in Willetton but Kanaga Sinnasamy said they were still in desperate need of assistance.

‘My wife and I had to sleep in the car while my mother and the kids stayed at a friend’s house,’ he said.

‘I came here with just a small suitcase and built a life, and now everything’s gone.

‘I have to start my life again.’

He said they had been living in the house since 2008 when they arrived as refugees from Sir Lanka.

Mr Sinnasamy said he was woken by a passerby, Joel Lipple, banging on the door and shouting.

‘If he had not warned us about the fire, I don’t know what would have happened,’ he said.

‘I am just glad we all got out safely and that no one was hurt.’