Farmer needs your help

overwhelmed by paperwork
overwhelmed by paperwork

In 1946, his older brother Harold Lander returned from war service and developed the property on the Southern River.

In 1949, Charles joined his older brother and developed a commercial duck farm that was in operation for 45 years, noted in State and municipal heritage inventories for its role in providing flexible employment for local women.

Mr Lander is now nearly 90 and still manages the property, though it has not been a working farm since the 1990s.

Volunteers help him maintain the grounds, but he is finding himself overwhelmed by the paperwork.

He is searching for someone with administrative skills, perhaps a retired office worker, to come in for whatever hours they are able, to help him with basic work such as looking after his files, paying bills, record-keeping and organising.

‘It’s getting out of hand; I live here and try to keep it together, but the office is getting beyond me,’ he said.

‘I’m forever thankful to my brother for allowing me to come here, many years ago.

‘I like the place and I want to keep it as Harold did.’

Call Mr Lander on 9398 2293 if you are able to help.