Fast food order proves costly

Samuel Michael Gossage (27) was fined $10,000 in Armadale Magistrates Court last week after illegally dumping fencing containing asbestos at Korung National Park, near Karragullen.

Gossage was identified after the Department of Environment Regulation investigators found a fast food receipt at the dumping site and cross-checked the time of purchase with the restaurant’s drive-through CCTV camera.

The man was also identified through an onsite concealed video camera that captured the incident.

The maximum penalties for illegal dumping are $62,500 for individuals and $125,000 for corporations. The Department of Environment Regulation acting director general Kelly Faulkner warned that people would face harsh penalties for illegal dumping.

“This conviction makes it clear that severe penalties apply to anyone who illegally dumps waste across this state,” she said. “These penalties are in place because the illegal dumping of waste can impact on the health of people and the environment, and is costly for the community.”

Gossage was also ordered to pay $1284.80 in clean-up costs and $660.30 for court costs.

To report illegal dumping, call the department’s 24-hour pollution watch hotline on 1300 784 782.