Five new officers for police station

Portrait of bride and groom by church
Portrait of bride and groom by church

On February 12, Comment News reported that a quarter of the new contingent of officers would be assigned to Armadale.

The South East Metropolitan District would benefit from half of the new metropolitan contingent of officers.

But SEMD Superintendent Darryl Gaunt has yet to be told when the new officers will be assigned.

About a quarter of WA’s entire police force is assigned to the South East Metropolitan police district.

Local community leaders have long called for greater resources to be directed to the area. On February 18, Canning MHR Don Randall said a co-located police station and courthouse was still the ideal.

‘This is a police station that has recently been shot at,’ he said. ‘When the Police Minister visited in December last year, she recognised the station needed to be modernised, was overcrowded and there was a lack of personnel.’