Free legal advice

The Consumer Credit Legal Service WA Inc (CCLSWA) and a representative from the Australian Securities and Investments Comm- ission will be at a booth to educate and advise consumers about purchasing goods and services from Australian businesses.

Principal solicitor at CCLSWA Faith Cheok said most households were under increasing pressure and financial hardship because of their credit contracts and finance problems, which led to stress and possible depression.

‘There are increases on the bottom line for most households and primarily it’s to do with their home loans and credit card contracts due to loss of employment, illness or relationship breakdowns ” they are all inter-related,’ Ms Cheok said.

‘This booth is helpful because we prefer to have some input into preventative action rather than remedial action.’

Ms Cheok said the CCLSWA’s phone advice line received about 10 to 12 calls a day but demand for their voluntary service had increased.

‘We have noticed an increased call on our service ” this could be because of the increase in demand or the increase of awareness.’

Ms Cheok said a contributing factor to increased financial problems was because credit was widely available to purchase everyday products.

‘To buy white goods, computers, dresses, groceries ” it just mounts up,’ she said.