Frustration at new flight paths

The current departure flight paths in blue with the path for the study in yellow.
The current departure flight paths in blue with the path for the study in yellow.

The study has resulted in a change of flight plan from Perth Airport, for some aircraft between 10pm and 5am.

Instead of flights leaving via Shelley, Riverton and Rossmoyne to the south, and Thornlie, Huntingdale and Gosnells to the east, they will instead fly south towards Piara Waters, Southern River and Harrisdale before heading over Cockburn Central and out to the ocean.

Several residents have contacted the Comment News and written letters to the editor over the changes, with some questioning why the study could not have been conducted in the current areas.

Parkwood resident Ormonde Waters said aircraft noise had become more frequent and planes were flying overhead at odd hours.

“I have noticed it has gotten worse,” he said. “I want it reversed (to) the way it was before or make it go over the Swan River so people are not affected.

“Another option is to rotate from one area to another and share the noise.”

A spokeswoman from Airservices Australia said the point of the short study was to obtain baseline noise readings and then re-route some aircraft to use this flight path to collect actual noise level readings.

“This (the study) will allow a direct comparison between actual noise data collected and the modelling data that was used in the environmental assessment,” she said. “The location of the noise monitors have been selected to ensure data captured is reflective of the noise experienced by residents and as they are closest to the flight path centreline and within residential areas.”

Swan MP Steve Irons and Tangney MP Dennis Jensen both support the measure.

Dr Jensen said one of the reasons why it would be more beneficial is that aircraft would be higher in the air before they had to turn, which meant it would be less noisy when they turn off.

Canning MP Andrew Hastie said he met with Airservices Australia to discuss the short-term changes to Perth flight paths.

“While I understand this will see a number of planes redirected over suburbs such as Piara Waters and Harrisdale between February 15 and April 10, the research is vital to ongoing noise improvement efforts in Perth,” he said.