Gone in 60 seconds

The police car that will display items commonly targeted by thieves.
The police car that will display items commonly targeted by thieves.

That is the message WA Police and several southeastern suburbs councils are trying to get across in the Gone in 60 Seconds campaign.

The campaign is designed to show how quickly criminals can break into motor vehicles and steal personal belongings, and how leaving valuable items in an unattended vehicle increase the chances of this happening.

As part of the campaign, a clearly marked vehicle will be parked at shopping centres, local events and hot spot locations, displaying items commonly targeted by opportunistic thieves, such as mobile phones, computer tablets and cash. Visitors to the display will be challenged to find all the valuable items.

Seven local councils in the southeastern suburbs are on board with the initiative including the cities of Armadale, Belmont, Canning, Gosnells, South Perth, the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and Town of Victoria Park.

WA Police community engagement officer Megan Lehaney said the councils were putting human and financial recourses into the issue.

“Anything that is visible provides an opportunity to for criminals to break in,” she said.

“You may not think it is valuable and it may even be an empty bag, but criminals will take the risk and break in and grab the bag.

“We are not victim blaming; what we are asking for is that people be careful and not open themselves to being a victim.”